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We are proud and excited to announce that we have been mentioned by two magazines, ERP Today and Enterprise Times, as a new Unit4 partner.

Unit4 has had a good start to the year, boosted by the launch and early wins for its next-generation ERPx solution. It revealed that it now has 24 customers lined up for its new solution. This quarter also changed ownership, with TA Associates leading its acquisition from Advent in a deal that valued the company at $2 billion. Enterprise Times spoke to Mike Ettling, CEO, about the deal last month. It delivered a Q1 momentum release, though it revealed no actual revenue figures. Unit4 delivered a strong quarter of growth, with momentum in ERPx and its older software versions while maintaining a strong base of existing customers.

On growth

In 2020 the average growth was 43%. Enterprise Times asked Stuart what he expected for growth in Q2. He replied: “Our first half is normally more than our second half; we build momentum through the course of the year. As a software industry, we’ve kind of we’ve conditioned our customer base to buy later in the year rather than earlier in the year. As we go through the course of the year, we build pipeline, we then have a big rush, we clear it out in the second half, and then you start the next year from a lower base.”

“You will hear Mike (Ettling – CEO) say: “All roads lead to ERP”. Two-thirds of our revenue at the moment comes from ERP, and we anticipate that that will only get bigger as we go forward. That’s partly driven by the product and the reception that we’re seeing for the latest versions of the ERP, in particular, for your ERPx. Also, as we go forward, more and more of the functionality of those sort of surround sound products will get subsumed within ERP.”

Looking forward

What does the pipeline look like?

“Pretty good, we’re in a strong place, we continue to build pipe, and we continue to see recovery in the level of new name opportunities. Last year, during q2 and q3 new logos slowed down as a consequence of COVID as customers and potential customers paused to work out what was happening in the world. We saw that start to release in new name RFPs coming out in the course of q4, and we continue to see that into 2021.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

The return to growth for continental Europe is significant for Unit4. It will hope that the new leadership team in the US will also help drive company growth. It is not an easy market to build momentum in. Unit4 will have fierce competition across all of its chosen sectors. The Q3 and Q4 results will need to show signs that it is gaining traction in those markets.

Source: Enterprise Times UK