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Unit4 has launched the latest version of Unit4 ERP. It features some significant changes to the product’s capabilities – designed to help organizations to respond with agility and resilience to the challenges of remote working. 

The upgrade in a nutshell

ERP 7.8 will be a significant release for customers running any combination of the core modules of our product (including Fundamentals, Finance, Projects, Procurement, and HCM.)

In particular, they’ve focused on the need for:

  • Better accessibility
  • Improved and expanded mobile capabilities
  • Automated support for Accounts Payable
  • Extending the possibility for intercompany subcontracting and master timesheet updates

 Improved automation and mobile functionality 

In Finance, they’ve introduced smart invoice processing services. This enables process automation of incoming invoices, delivering faster payments and easing workloads for those in accounts payable and beyond.

They’ve extended the ability to approve incoming invoices on mobile to now cover general ledger transactions. And we’ve also created a new feature for purchase requisitions. 

And in more good news for procurement it’s now possible to see additional product information entered on purchase requisitions in goods receipt, goods return, and your purchase invoice approval.

For sales, they’ve also introduced some new mobile capabilities. It’s now possible to approve or rejects sales orders that have been sent to workflow via the Unit4 Tasks app.

Big improvements to timesheeting and project billing

Timesheeting is a function that many of our customers are keen to automate to reduce errors and to easily transfer time between projects. To this end, we’ve created a functionality that allows mass updates to be made to timesheets.

In 7.8 global projects now provides support for fixed price agreements with the customer where the subcontracted work is registered as time and materials. 

In addition additional cost elements that accompany your timesheet can now be sent over to the leading company automatically so you can also bill those your customer without any delays. In addition, approvals for project billing have now been brought into the Unit4 Tasks mobile app, meaning you can step away from your desk without worrying about delays to the billing process.

And last but not least: HCM

As you may already be aware, they’ve recently extended the HCM capability into talent management – incorporating world-leading talent management functionality into Unit4 ERP to make it easier for you to attract, retain, and grow increasingly scarce talent.

Want to know more?

This blog is a short summary of our latest updated version of Unit4 ERP – version 7.8. 

If you would like to watch a 5 minute highlight reel of the 7.8 update you can find it here

They recently presented a webinar which went through the 7.8 update features in detail. You can check out the entire recording at any time here.

Source: Unit4