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We are excited to announce that we have gone live with Unit4 ERPx – the next-generation intelligent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution built specifically for mid-market and people-centric organizations.

Unit4 ERPx is a unique cloud based with an easy integration solution. In the next few months we are rolling out a number of template solutions around the North American market.

For over 40 years Unit4 has focused on delivering enterprise solutions to mid-sized, people-centric organizations like yours. We understand that people come first, even more so than for product-centric organizations. So Unit4 built a better People Experience into their solutions, helping transform the way people work. Unit4 has also learned that many organizations focus on three key areas:

Productivity – Providing the right tools to do more with less;

Velocity – Doing things fast, but with purpose – running a tight business;

Resilience – Resilient to change, disruption, and advancing technologies.

If you would like to discuss how ERPx can help your business please reach out to us at