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Let’s discuss what exactly Unit4 HCM has…

HCM or Human Capital Management solutions are all about transforming the administrative functions of human resources. You will find modules such as recruiting, training, payroll, compensation, and talent management available in order to boost engagement, productivity, and business value. But from all the solutions available why Unit4 HCM?

For people-based businesses, Unit4 is an ideal solution to help deliver a better and more efficient people experience across the organization. Unit4 HCM key capabilities are:

  • Calendar view of recent, pending, and approved absences
  • Dynamic calculations of your remaining balance
  • Automated approvals and reminders
  • Uncover trends with the ability to capture and analyze all absence-related data
  • Integration with Project and Payroll

What is in Unit4 HCM?

  • HR Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Management (Talent Management)
  • Employee Engagement (Talent Management)
  • Learning & Development (Talent Management)
  • People Planning & Analysis
  • Recruitment & Onboarding

So let’s take a look at what each of these modules does and how they can help your business…

  • You can see and manage your people’s entire hire-to-retire cycle with a central control center and self-service features
  • Helps you reduce administrative tasks and human error
  • And it also increases insights into your resources
Payroll Management
  • Provides a single. Shared version of the truth for HR, Payroll, and Finance
  • Provides you with more accurate data
  • It helps you streamline and automate processes
  • Free HR team to focus on tasks that matter
Performance Management (Talent Management)
  • Translate your organisation’s strategy into transparent objectives which you can then align with individual goals
  • You can ask for, give, and aggregate feedback
  • And you can also manage all your conservations
Employee Engagement (Talent Management)
  • You can check your organization’s health through customizable mini-surveys, detect opportunities and prevent issues ahead of time, you can track engagement data, and spot trends across your organization
Learning and Development
  • Unit4 offers a user-friendly learning platform
  • Provides hob and product knowledge to your people
  • Build and manage custom courses
  • Supports online, offline, and blended learning
  • You can check on everyone’s achievements with the build certification management
People Planning and Analysis
  • You can make better decisions for your people )including how to employ them best)
  • The module analyses data from your ERP and HCM systems
  • Identify high-performers
  • Most importantly you can make sure your people are always doing the right things.
Recruitment and Onboarding
  • Unit4 is in partnership with SmartRecruiters
  • You can create a world-class candidate experience
  • Reach, engage, and connect with talent
  • Seamless process for new hires and recruiters
  • Fully digital offer management and reporting

What can we do?

We at pecen believe that Unit4 is a great solution for companies that are focused on the needs of people. Ensuring that you have a robust HCM strategy means you are able to benefit from the capabilities that Unit4 offers through its solution. We want to ensure that you have everything you need for a successful implementation and that the plan is set to realistic un. Human capital management is all about helping your employees focus by also adding value to your organization.

Using an external 3rd party to implement your HCM can be the path to having a smooth and efficient implementation and maximizing ROI. At pecen we believe that we are able to help you optimize your HCM experience and make the software work for you, not the other way around. Software solutions often than not are not one-size-fits-all, and getting the most out of your system is what we strive to do. One of the most important parts to consider before implementation is that with implementation partners, you will be ensuring that you don’t have any costly errors that directly lead to an unsuccessful implementation.

As we at pecen implement Unit4 HCM into companies, we find that using an industry-standard approach is truly effective for a successful implementation. This means that this approach is more cost-effective for you and is more structured to your industry’s needs. Having an industry-specific approach for higher education, not-for-profit, public sector organizations, and private service organizations, can take the pressure off of what your industry actually needs. Unit4 HCM is there to make your people-based business more productive.

And implementing Unit4’s HCM solution is all about giving flexibility and freedom for important tasks. It is so important that automation supports you and your employees in their roles as they can gain better insight for better decision-making.